Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing, sometimes called offshore sport fishing or offshore game fishing, is a form of fishing aimimg to hunt large boney fish such as tuna and swordfish on the high seas, often very far from the mainland. You need a strong will and physical fitness just as if you are in a competition. Big Game Fishing takes place in different locations around the world where there are such fish - off the coast of North Carolina, Florida, California and Hawaii, East Coast, New Zealand and Australia, throughout the Caribbean and near Mexico, in South America among other places and the Mediterranean as well as in our country on the Adriatic Sea .



  • Big game fishing - tuna and swordfish
  • Little game fishing - hunting for LUČEV, albacore tunas, etc .
  • Night fishing - night fishing for swordfish
  • Night fishing in the waters of the island apple fishing techniques Bolentino (shooting deep marriages fish: Okan, bream, grouper, whiting, etc.).
  • Hunting vertical jigging techniques Inchicku; Kabura and Tenya (fish: greater amberjack, bream, mackerel, etc.)

The ship has Predator ICCAT hunting licenses for tuna which means that we are authorized to commercially fish tuna which especially pleases our guests because they have the opportunity to see a live fish, photograph and preserve lasting memories .

Where we hunt: Hunting in the waters of the island Blitvenice, on the outside of Kornati National Park and in the open sea near the Kornati archipelago and the island Zirja.

What does a day of fishing ?

Departing on a big adventure, big game fishing starts at 9:00 am departing from the town of Jezera on the Island of Murter. It is common to meet in a café located in the immediate vicinity of the ship (or the front of the ship ), and after a morning coffee to go to sea; There is the possibility of arrival of the ship at a desired location and guest return to the original location. The return is scheduled in the afternoon.  However, taking into account our guests satisfaction, there is a possibility of flexible term to meet the wishes of the guest.



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